Our school has an important motto to support teaching and learning: Lourdes Learners are CALLed to Think as both a Learner and a Global Citizen. A focus on Global Citizenship Education provides students ways to be resilient and respectful critical thinkers who grow as confident learners for life and live out our Catholic values of service to others. 

We aim to develop the traits of both a learner and a global citizen- learners who have the dispositions and competencies that help them navigate a complex, fast-changing ‘globalized’ world. Exploring themes such as identity and diversity, poverty and wealth, and sustainability and social justice, engages students in real-world issues through the curriculum. This enables teachers to equip learners with critical thinking skills and opportunities to develop and communicate their own points of view, whilst respecting the views of others that are different from their own.

 We endeavour to support learners in making and discussing reasoned judgments and to effectively deal with controversial issues they face through media and communication technology. Ultimately, we want active, informed global citizens who thrive in complex times, can apply thinking to new situations and are inspired to change the world. 

The traits of a learner and of a global citizen are exemplified with the acronym CALLed to Think. To be a Lourdes Learner, students need to Communicate, Act, Look, Listen and Think. The following table illustrates how staff can break this down for students.